What are the signs that my gutters need service?

It may be time to get pay more attention to your gutters and to decide it you need them maintained, serviced, or replaced. Here are some things you should note when you are considering next steps.

Do you have overflowing water?

In the Tidewater region of Virginia, we experience different rain conditions throughout the year. If you notice that water is cascading over the sides of your gutters when it rains or even as snow melts, they’re most likely clogged somewhere.

If you have an open gutter system, it is so much easier for material to build up in different sections. This prevents the water from being able to drain away from your home effectively—and it will have nowhere to go but over the sides, where it can run down the walls of your home and cause damage.

Are your gutters sagging?

Gutters can become weighed down by clogs, debris, pine needles, leaves, and by the ice dams that form in winter when backed up water freezes. This weight can eventually pull them away from the edges of your rooftop, which prevents them from being able to collect runoff and can present a safety hazard if they come loose to the point of falling off. This is a definite sign to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Do you see stains on your siding?

Dirty rainwater that runs down the walls of your home can stain your siding, often adding an unpleasant yellow or brown tint in uneven patches. If you notice discolored siding, one of the first things you should do is check your gutters for leaks or blockages.

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