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A Comparison of Gutter Cover Systems

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Searching for the right gutter system can be a little overwhelming; there are many options available, all of which offer varying degrees of protection against drainage issues. If you’re in the market for a new gutter system, it’s important to do research before selecting one. 

Whether you’re purchasing a new home that doesn’t already have gutters installed, or your existing gutter system is old, damaged, or needs replacing, we want to help you narrow down your research. Continue reading for a comparison of gutter cover systems so you can be better prepared to make the best decision for your home.

Gutter Screens

Gutter screens are rising in popularity because the cost to install them is relatively inexpensive compared to installing an entirely new gutter system. They can be installed over your existing gutter system, so there is no extensive installation process. Though they are convenient to install, there are some disadvantages to installing gutter screens.

Gutter screens are a piece of mesh with small openings. This material is installed on the top of an open-top or half-round gutter system to keep large debris out of the gutters. Gutter screens ideally keep large debris like leaves, twigs, larger pests, pine needles, acorns, etc. out of the gutters and downspouts. 

Unfortunately, the piece of mesh that’s installed directly over an open-top gutter system doesn’t eliminate the chance for debris to enter the gutters. There are small openings in the mesh which allow tiny seeds and roof granules to enter the gutters. We all know that all it takes for a weed to grow in soil: seeds, water, and sunlight. All of these things are found in a gutter with a screen that’s allowing tiny seeds to enter. The result could be weeds or trees sprouting from your gutters – an eyesore!

Furthermore, gutter screens can act as a shelf for debris, allowing large debris to sit on top of the filter and gutter, allowing it to collect over time. Large debris like leaves and twigs can get heavy over time, causing the entire gutter system to sag or even tear away from the home with enough weight.

Foam Gutter Guards

Foam gutter guards are less common but are an option for covering the exposed top of half-round gutters. They are pieces of foam that are shaped to fit the inside of most half-round gutter systems. The problem with foam guards is that they can trap debris, and weeds can sprout out of the guards. 

Also, while debris won’t end up inside the gutter, it will end up on top of the foam gutter guard, still creating clogs. Also, some foam gutter guards can be fire hazards. Foam gutter guards require frequent gutter cleaning to remove the debris that collects on top of the gutter guard. While inexpensive, foam gutter guards offer little protection and cause more issues than they’re worth.

Brush Gutter Guards

Brush gutter guards are placed directly into the open-top gutter and resemble pipe cleaners. The idea is that debris won’t enter the gutter itself, instead collect on top of the bristles of the brush gutter guard. While they are affordable and can be installed without a professional, brush gutter guards aren’t worth the time and energy they take for a homeowner to install them.

For one, they require frequent maintenance and cleaning of the bristles. Small debris like seeds, acorns, small leaves, and twigs can collect and build up over time in the bristles, requiring a lot of gutter cleaning. 

K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System

All the issues with the gutter guards mentioned above are solved with the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. Our gutter product was invented decades ago to eliminate the chance for debris to enter the gutter system and form clogs. K-Guard has many parts that work together to keep the gutter system free of debris while allowing large amounts of water to flow freely through the system.

The K-Guard Leaf Free System has a curved hood, gutter, and downspouts, all in one seamless product. Our curved hood allows debris, snow, and ice to simply slide off the gutters rather than enter the gutter system and form clogs or weigh the system down. Only water adheres to our curved hood, allowing large amounts of water to flow through the system rapidly. 

An advantage of the K-Guard Leaf Free System is that our gutter guards don’t act as a shelf for debris to collect like gutter screens, foam gutter guards, and brush gutter guards. Seeds and soil have nowhere to enter the system, so nothing can grow and sprout from the gutters.

Our gutter product allows more water to flow freely throughout the gutter system, whereas other gutter cover systems can impede water flow. Living in Hampton Roads and the Greater Richmond area means we experience all four seasons, including torrential downpours in the spring and snow and ice storms in the winter. Homeowners in Hampton Roads and Richmond need an extremely durable gutter system like K-Guard that can protect their homes from drainage issues year-round. You’ll never have to worry about gutter cleaning again!
There are many gutter cover options available, though only one is durable and efficient enough to last for the life of the home: Make the switch to K-Guard today to better protect your home from drainage issues – contact Carefree Gutter Guard today for a free estimate!