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Authorized Contractors Program

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About the Authorized Contractor Program

What We Do

Carefree Gutter Guard will make sure you have everything you need to introduce your clients to our leaf-free gutters. Our Authorized Contractors are provided with:
  • Product and sales training
  • Sales tools
  • Brochures and marketing materials
  • Product samples
  • Contracts
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Customer Service

What You Do

Joining our Authorized Contractor Program is easy. All you have to do is add our products to your existing contracting specialties and make some money. We’ll take care of your customers at no expense to you. Carefree Gutter Guard makes you look good to your clients, you just have to enjoy looking good.

Why Become an Authorized Contractor?

Anyone who knows anything about our company and products knows their value. We provide our authorized contractors with all the information they need to understand our product; from how it’s made to what our warranty includes. We honestly believe that once you get to know Carefree Gutter Guard, you’ll be just as passionate about our products as we are.

We make it easy to incorporate our leaf-free gutters into your existing contracting specialties. In addition to training info and marketing materials, we’ll provide you with a pitch book, color samples, contract samples, and much more! No need to worry about taking care of the heavy equipment; we have that covered!

Customers remember a good experience. We know your customers will love our high-quality, low-maintenance gutters. Client satisfaction means more return business for you!

You get a portion of the profits for every job you sell! It’s all profit with no expense.

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The K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter System: America’s Strongest & Most Dependable Gutters!

Installed exclusively by Carefree Gutter Guard.

The Strongest Gutters on the Block… Guaranteed!

The Carefree Gutter Guard system uses proprietary polymer hangers that empower our gutters with enough strength to support the weight of the installation crew that hangs it! Seriously, these are some super-strong gutters!

Make the Last Time You Cleaned Your Gutters the Last Time You Ever Clean Gutters

The Carefree Gutter Guard system uses patented technology to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters. When we’re done installing the Carefree Gutter Guards system on your home, you can rest easy knowing you’ll never have to clean gutters again.

5” Depth Flows More Water

Unless it’s your first summer here, you know that we can get hit with a lot of water. When a big storm hits, you don’t want to have to worry about whether or not the water is being safely moved away from your home. With 5” gutters from Carefree Gutter Guard, you can rest easy knowing that the gutters on your home are oversized and designed to move an incredible amount of water.

Designed to Compliment Your Home

Choose from an assortment of colors in heavy-duty aluminum, or perhaps copper gutters are what you’re eyeing. In any event, we have color options that will match the exterior of any home!

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As you know, printing sales and advertising material isn’t cheap. The $300.00 covers our cost to produce the material and the product sample kit. We’re willing to create these materials for you to prepare you for success. However, it’s important for you to invest in this partnership as well. After five (5) completed projects, we will fully refund this cost back to you.

It’s simple:

  • We do not want your customers mistakenly contacting us for an estimate.
  • We are proud of our brand and work hard to protect it.

The purpose of a home show or expo is to generate leads while marketing and advertising your business and services. As part of our branding/ marketing strategy, Carefree Gutter Guard is extremely involved in home shows and expos throughout Hampton Roads and the Greater Richmond area. To maintain the non-compete agreement, Authorized Contractors are prohibited from advertising that they are an Authorized Contractor for Carefree Gutter Guard in those settings, whether in print, digitally, or in conversation.

If you have any questions regarding their job, please contact your dedicated Sales Representative. However, invoicing questions should be directed to the office.

We always strive to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied. In order to take care of any concerns that may arise, make sure to immediately contact the Carefree Gutter Guard office or provide your customer with our office number: (757) 244-0001.

The customer will be refunded 100% of any money paid to Carefree Gutter Guard and the Authorized Contractor will lose the $100* commission on that project.

Once your customer signs their contract, they became the responsibility of Carefree Gutter Guard. On the day of the installation, we have our install team collect payment whether by check or credit card over the phone. If no one is home, the customer will be invoiced directly by Carefree Gutter Guard. Once we get paid, you get paid.

We’d be silly not to! You are bringing us business and we are thankful you have chosen to be part of the Authorized Contractor program. If you ever have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.