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Do Stainless Steel Mesh Covers Work?

Residential Gutter System Metal Mesh Cover | Carefree Gutter Guard

With three main different types of gutter guards to choose from, it’s important to evaluate the best option for your home and gutter system. Screens, reverse curve gutter guards, and stainless steel mesh all aim to block loose debris, such as leaves and small branches, from clogging your gutters. But which choice would best suit your home’s needs?

Before making your decision about what type of gutter guard is best for your home, we need to understand how a steel mesh cover works. Let’s dive in.

How Do They Work?

First, let’s discuss what gutter screens and gutter filters are and how they’re installed. Gutter screens are a piece of mesh with small openings that is installed on the top of an open-top gutter system. They are made from a variety of materials, including aluminium and stainless steel. The type of material used will impact the overall cost of the project or the need to hire a professional. Their function is to keep large debris out of the gutter system and to help prevent clogs from forming in the gutters and downspouts. They’re installed by simply placing them over an existing open-top gutter system. Most homeowners install gutter screens and filters themselves and the help of a gutter installation professional isn’t always necessary.

While gutter mesh screens sound like a good idea, they don’t eliminate the chance for debris to enter the gutter system. The small openings that are on gutter filters can act as a “shelf” for debris, meaning larger debris will sit on top of the filter, however, roof granules and other debris like seeds from trees and small rocks can still enter the gutters. If there is any dirt inside the gutters and seeds drop into the gutter through the opening of the mesh liner, things will grow inside the gutter. All it takes for weeds and trees to grow in the soil is a seed, water, and sunlight, which are readily available in a gutter system with filters installed.

Gutter filters and screens can also impede the flow of water throughout the gutter system. When seeds and debris block the openings to these filters and screens then water isn’t able to enter the gutters, resulting in an overflow that can cause all sorts of issues like foundation damage and basement flooding. They can also void your roof’s warranty if they go underneath your roof shingles.

The K-Guard Difference

Gutters guards perform an important role of protecting your gutters so they can safely disperse water away from your property. A well operating gutter system helps avoid water intrusion and foundation degradation, which are important to avoiding home water damage and mold growth. 

Unlike gutter screens, the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System has a curved hood, gutter, and downspouts all in one seamless product. Our curved hood allows large debris like leaves and twigs as well as smaller debris like seeds to simply slide off. Only water adheres to our curved hood and enters the system through a narrow opening, eliminating all debris from entering the system or collecting on top of the gutter. The K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System keeps all seeds and soil out so nothing can grow inside unlike gutter screens. Our gutter system will also never void your roof’s warranty so you can remain protected for the duration of your warranty.

Carefree Gutter Guards keep the integrity of your gutters strong by repelling debris, not collecting it. Carefree’s 20+ years of experience serving Virginia residents in the Hampton Roads and Richmond regions speak to our high ratings. With more than 20,000 homes serviced and more than 1,000,000 feet of gutters installed, we’re proud to offer K-Guard products with a lifetime installation warranty. 

It’s time you experience peace of mind with a new stainless steel mesh gutter covers from Carefree Gutter Guard. Contact us today.