You Could Win New Gutters in Our Great Gutter Giveaway!

We recently polled 10,000 people and asked them a single question: do you enjoy cleaning gutters? The overwhelming response was NO!

Okay, we’re just pulling your leg: we didn’t poll 10,000 people, but we don’t think we need to either! Nobody likes cleaning gutters… that’s why the gutters we install will never need cleaning!

Every Month, a Lucky Homeowner Will Win New Gutters!

You read that right: every month we will draw the name of a new homeowner that will receive brand-new gutters for their home! Already have our industry-leading system installed on your home? Don’t worry- we’ll cut you a check for 50% of the original contract price*!

How to Enter

  • Fill out the registration form on this page – Registration will also enter you to receive periodic promotional and other important information from us.
  • Follow us on Facebook – Stay up to date on the contest!

Contest Terms & Conditions

Winner will receive approximately 150 feet of gutter and 60 feet of downspout up to $2,500.00 value based on total contract value, including current pricing for material and labor. Winner will agree to allow Carefree Gutter Guard to post a photo of their home, a video testimony of their experience, along with their name and city for advertisement and social media purposes.

One registration per household.

Winners must redeem within 30 days and will be required to sign an agreement that additional costs are their responsibility. If registered household purchases gutters, they will receive 50% refunded (up to $1,250.00 value) in the event that they are chosen as a winner.

Not valid towards any other services.

*Any information provided will not be sold or shared with any third party.

Previous Winners

In 2013, we were in desperate need of gutters, and we just happened upon the Carefree Gutter Guard Team at the State Fair of Virginia. They couldn’t have been more polite and informative while explaining their product and how it all works. While there, they invited me to sign up for the Gutter Guard monthly giveaway for a chance to win free gutters. A short time later, we decided to go with Carefree Gutters because of the friendly experience we had at the State Fair, plus their products looked to be the best on the market. From there it was a quick and easy process that resulted in the old gutters being removed and beautiful new gutters taking their place.

Here almost 4 years later, the gutters look as awesome as they did on day one, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision we made to have them installed. To make it even better, we were also chosen as the February winners of the Gutter Guard giveaway, which resulted in us getting half of what we paid to have the gutters installed.

I am truly happy that I selected the Carefree team, and will always recommend them to anyone I know that is in search of new gutters.

The Gray Family

Montpelier, VA.

Previous Winners

Previous Winners

Angela B. of Hampton, VA.

Previous Winners

John and Kim S. of Midlothian, VA.