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Gutter Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Cleaning Gutter Clogged with Leaves | Carefree Gutter Guard

Cleaning your gutters is no glamorous task, but it’s necessary maintenance that every homeowner must have on their seasonal to-do list. Gutter cleaning can be a challenging task, so hiring a professional is sometimes necessary.

Why Should You Clean Your Gutters?

If you don’t clean your gutters regularly (or hire someone to clean them regularly), you risk leaves and debris building up and clogging your gutters. This is dangerous for both your gutters and your home, as clogged gutters won’t function properly and will result in water overflow, leading to expensive damage to your gutters, roof, and even the foundation of your home.

Cleaning your gutters is also a great time to inspect them for any wear and tear. If you notice any areas in need of repair or replacement, you can stay ahead of the damage and contact a professional before it turns into an emergency situation.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Most homeowners only clean their gutters once a year, if that, but we recommend cleaning your gutters bi-annually. The changing of seasons is a good time to clean your gutters, in preparation for spring rain or after the leaves have changed in the fall. If you’re taking preventive measures for keeping your gutters clean and clear, you may not need to clean them quite as frequently, but it’s crucial to inspect them regularly to be safe.

If you have proper gutter protection, you won’t need to worry about your gutters as often, and once a year should do the trick! You’ll also find your gutters less in need of cleaning, making the job much quicker and easier. Since you don’t need to clean out your protected gutters much if at all, this makes it more of an inspection than a cleaning.

How to Know if Gutters Need to Be Cleaned or Replaced

Not sure if your gutters need replacing or just a good cleaning? If your gutter is clogged, you likely don’t need to repair or replace it, but it’s critical to know the warning signs of actual damage. Here’s what to look for when inspecting your gutters.

Signs Your Gutter is Clogged:

  • Your gutter has pools of water and signs of mold
  • You can see collected debris in your gutters
  • Water spots or damage underneath your gutters as a result of an overflow

Signs Your Gutter is Damaged:

  • Visible cracking or splitting inside or underneath gutters
  • Paint is peeling or gutters are visibly rusted
  • Water spots or damage underneath your gutters, but no clogging (may indicate a leak)
  • Gutters are sagging or pulling away from the house

If you see any of these signs of damage on your gutters, contact us right away for a free estimate on repairing or replacing your gutters!

Gutter Cleaning Tricks

Ready to get started cleaning your gutters? Here’s everything you need to know to make your gutters appear as good as new.

Prep Your Gear

Before you start cleaning your gutters, make sure you have all the necessary gear:

  • A solid extendable ladder, plus a ladder stabilizer to keep you and your gutters safe
  • A bucket or trash bag for collecting debris as you remove it
  • A trowel, gutter scoop, or plastic spatula for getting out compacted debris
  • Clothes you don’t mind getting (very) dirty
  • Long, thick rubber gloves
  • A hose with a spray nozzle or a pressure washer

You may also want a tarp to cover your landscaping as you work, so debris can’t clutter your flower beds. Gutter cleaning is a messy job, and your plants shouldn’t suffer the consequences!

Clear Out Debris

Starting near the downspout and working to the closed end of your gutters, clear out all leaves, twigs, and other debris from your gutters. It’s much easier to clear out dry debris, so don’t plan your gutter cleaning after a recent rainfall!

If your downspout has a strainer, fully remove and clean it to ensure a properly functioning gutter system from start to finish.

Flush Your Gutters

Once you’ve removed all visible debris, flush your gutters with either a garden hose and spray nozzle or a pressure washer to clean off any remaining dirt. Be careful not to spray water up under roof shingles.

As you spray, keep an eye on your downspout to make sure the water is draining down quickly. If it isn’t, there’s a clog in your downspout. Spray water directly down the downspout to dislodge it. If this is ineffective, use a plumber’s snake to reach in and break up the clog.

Once you’ve cleared the downspout, give your gutters a final flush to leave them pristine!

Inspect Your Gutters

Finish your gutter cleaning with a thorough inspection of your freshly washed gutters, looking for the signs of damage or wear. If you see anything concerning, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

By investing in our K-Guard gutter system, you’re investing in the wellbeing and longevity of your home as water is efficiently and safely moved away. Just think – all the hassle of gutter cleaning (or the expense of hiring a pro) will finally be off your to-do list, once and for all! Book now for remarkably strong gutter systems.