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Gutter Protection and Your Roof Warranty: Everything You Need to Know

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When you purchased your home, there’s a chance it came with a roof warranty! This can often be a key selling point for home buyers, and rightfully so — since roofs are expensive to repair or replace, and a warranty makes a huge difference for your pocketbook. Because of this, it’s understandable that many homeowners are wary of anything that could void their warranty, including gutter protection installation. But do gutter guards really affect your roof’s warranty? 

Here’s what you need to know before investing in gutter protection.

How Gutters Protect Your Roof

Properly draining gutters are essential for protecting your roof from damage. Not only do they direct water away from the foundation of your home, but they give the rainwater on your roof a place to drain! However, if your gutters are clogged then water could begin to pool on or near your roof. Regardless of what material your roof is, the buildup of water can cause significant damage, including roof leaks, rotting, and disintegration of the fascia board.

This is what makes gutter protection essential! Keeping your gutters clutter-free can keep your roof safe from potential water damage. Gutter guards prevent leaves and other debris from collecting in your gutters while allowing water to flow into the gutters and away from your roof. A protected gutter is an effective gutter!

Is Gutter Protection a “Foreign Object”?

Although gutter protection sounds great in theory, many homeowners worry that in practice, installing gutter protection may void their extremely valuable roof warranty. Roof warranties usually include specific language prohibiting “foreign objects” from being attached to the roof in any way. Typically this refers to installing new roof shingles over old ones, but it can include certain gutter protection if installed improperly.

Many gutter guards (not ours!) are installed separately from the gutter system and attached directly to the roof under the shingles. Because they aren’t designed for your unique gutter system and are connected to your roof, this type of gutter protection does run the risk of voiding your roof’s warranty, not to mention creating a path for water to collect under the shingles. Think of it like using a band-aid when you really need stitches! It’s just not the right solution. 

When you choose an all-inclusive gutter system, everything from gutters to gutter protection will be covered in one seamless unit attached to the fascia board below the roof. This one-of-a-kind system is proudly installed by our experts at Carefree Gutter Guard and will protect your roof from flooding without attaching to your roof in any way! 

Why Use the K-Guard System

Not all gutter protection systems are created equal, and we are confident that the K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutters are fundamentally better than any other gutters on the market! The K-Guard gutters are larger, custom-fitted to your roof, and include both gutters and guards in one comprehensive system. They even mimic the shape and color of your home’s molding to blend right in with the aesthetic of your home! And most importantly, they will not void your roof’s warranty.

Because we are so confident in our gutter system’s design and ability to remain 100% clog-free, all of our K-Guard gutter systems come with a lifetime warranty. Did your gutters somehow get clogged from an unexpected Virginia storm? We’ll come take care of it for you, free of charge!

We are proud to supply and install the best gutter system on the market that will partner with your roof to keep your home safe and dry year-round. If you live in the Hampton Roads or Richmond areas, contact us to learn more about what the K-Guard system can do for your home and get a free estimate.