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How Do Gutters and Sump Pumps Work Together?

Sump Pump on Basement Concrete Floor | Carefree Gutter Guard

Both gutters and sump pumps are critical components of a well-maintained property and home. They also go hand-in-hand in preventing water damage and should work together in order to do so. Therefore, if you’re having trouble with a clogged sump pump, you may want to consider the impact and importance of your gutter system as well. Keep reading to learn more about the relationship between sump pumps and gutters and how they work together.

What Does a Sump Pump Do? 

A sump pump is responsible for keeping underneath homes and buildings dry and can be found in both commercial and residential buildings. They are installed to prevent flooding, particularly from storms and heavy rain. Sump pumps are typically placed in pits to collect water and in a low area such as a crawlspace or basement. Many people even say that because they are so important, all homes and buildings should have a sump pump in order to protect them from water damage or flooding. Even if a home or building is not prone to flooding, it may still be smart to have a sump pump installed in order to keep excess moisture away from the foundation. 

What Happens When My Basement Floods?

When basements flood, whether it is a result of a clogged sump pump or clogged gutters, trapped moisture can lead to many problems for homeowners. In fact, if there is water in the basement, it can be a dangerous situation, and all power should be shut off in the area. Carpeting may need to be ripped up and removed from the flooded area as well. On top of that, mildew and mold can take hold quickly which may cause health problems for family members. 

Why Do Sump Pumps Become Clogged?

Sump pumps can become clogged for a variety of reasons and cause maintenance issues for homeowners. Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • The hole where the sump pump sits can become clogged with dirt or other debris
  • Mechanical components and parts can become clogged, especially when a sump pump is placed against the bottom of a dirty pit where silt can be found
  • The float switch, which is what turns the pump on or off automatically depending on water levels in the surrounding area, can be impacted by debris 

Believe it or not, gutter systems can actually impact some of these problems. 

Gutters and Sump Pumps

If a home has an improper or poorly installed gutter system and they become clogged or broken, overflowing water can pool around the home and cause stress or strain on the sump pump. When this happens, it can cause issues like motor burnout in the sump pump which may lead to water damage to the home. Or, if water from gutters overflows and is dispersed onto the property in an uneven manner, a large amount of water is likely to collect in the pit. Again, when this happens the sump pump will be overloaded and may burn out because of this. This same issue can occur when a home that needs splash blocks does not have them installed. For more information on this specifically, read our blog “Are Splash Blocks Worth it?”

On the other hand, when gutters and sump pumps work together, they are extremely effective at draining water and preventing water damage. This leaves homeowners free of worry when storms do come through. One of the ways that gutters and sump pumps prevent water damage is by reducing the amount of water that reaches the ground. This is done by water being distributed through downspouts and into rain barrels. Rain barrels work by slowly releasing the water within them once the storm has passed and the soil is dryer and can absorb more water when dispersed in a slower manner. Well-functioning gutters also help prevent sump pumps from working overtime. If gutters are free of clogs, and water drains as it should, a homeowner can avoid having water pool at their foundation which is one of the biggest problems related to sump pumps. 

Gutters should be regularly checked and cleaned as clogs may happen quickly and lead to substantial damage. Drains and sump pits should also be cleaned and checked on to make sure that they are free of debris or anything else that may lead to a clogged sump pump. Additionally, homeowners may consider investing in rain barrels, splash blocks, or a leaf free gutter system that they can trust. 

If you are experiencing issues with your gutter system such as clogs, overflow, water damage, foundational damage, or anything else of that nature, feel free to contact us at any time. Our office is open 24/7 for emergency service to your gutter system. Plus, we proudly install the K-Guard leaf-free gutter system. This system helps keep your home dry and works to distribute water evenly, making water damage from a malfunctioning gutter system a worry of the past. For more information, request a service today