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No Cleaning, No Clogging, No Worries: Three Benefits Our Gutters Bring to Hampton Roads & Greater Richmond!

How to Keep Your Gutters Clean

A new year has started which means we’re well into winter with spring just around the corner. We’re fortunate to have relatively mild weather year-round here in Greater Richmond and Hampton Roads. However, we experience all four seasons, which bring their own severe weather. Our gutters undergo a lot each year, from snowstorms in the winter to severe thunderstorms in the summer.

Weather from all seasons can be damaging to the exterior of a home and can leave a major mess behind. Downed trees, leaves all over the place, snow accumulation, and damage from hail are just a few examples of debris that can be left behind from extreme weather. Of course, if you have a half-round gutter system or an open-top gutter system, your gutter system is at risk of becoming clogged year-round and these severe weather patterns don’t help.

Gutters need to be cleaned often to keep water moving through the system freely to protect the home from drainage issues. Clogged gutters lead to disasters you don’t want to deal with. So how do you keep gutters clean? Keep reading for some cleaning tips so you can keep your gutters working efficiently.

Clean Your Half-Round Gutters Often

Not surprisingly, one way to keep gutters clean is to… clean them often. Think of everything a gutter system is exposed to like rain, snow, ice, hail, pests, strong winds, debris like leaves and pine needles, and more. Heavy rains and storms are often accompanied by strong wind gusts that can carry all sorts of debris that’s free to land in your half-round gutter. From heavy, wet leaves to accumulated ice, traditional gutters can collect a lot of debris.

Luckily, cleaning gutters often can help prevent clogs and messy mounds of debris that have collected and impeded water flow and forced water to spill over the sides of the gutter. It’s recommended that you clean your half-round gutters or open-top gutters at least one or two times per year, more if your roofline is surrounded by trees. Take a look at our gutter cleaning tips and tricks so you can get the best clean possible.

Keep Trees Near the Roofline Trimmed

Trees on our property add beauty and greenery whether they’re oaks, maples, or pines. Whether you have well-established trees or newly planted trees on your property, they could shed leaves that will get trapped inside a half-round gutter. Trees that are near the roofline can especially cause excess leaves to find their way into your gutters year-round, causing clogs and other nuisances.

To keep your gutters clean, keep trees near the roofline trimmed. Contacting a professional arborist or another tree service to prune or trim trees surrounding your roofline will protect your gutters from catching all leaves, nuts, pine needles, twigs, or other debris that falls directly from an overhanging tree and into the gutter. Your gutters will stay cleaner, and you won’t need to clean them as often.

Periodically Check for Pests

Though they may be cute, pests like chipmunks, squirrels, birds, and insects may take up residence in your gutter system, causing some damage. If pests dwell inside of a gutter, not only will they make a mess, but if they build a nest, they would be creating a blockage. Thus, water flow would be impeded and wouldn’t move freely throughout the gutter system, resulting in overflowing gutters or even interior leaks, basement flooding, and foundation damage. Insects could also create a blockage and can be a threat if they sting or bite.

Prevent critters from living in your gutters by taking a few measures. First, identify the pest living in the gutter. Depending on the type of critter, you may want to contact a professional. If you see an active nest, leave it. However, if it’s inactive, removing it may take care of the problem. For insects, have a professional assess damage from the insect and remove it safely.

Opt for Covered Gutters

The easiest way to keep your gutters clean and free of debris and pests is to install covered gutters. Covered gutters can keep critters out for good as well as debris that often finds its way inside a gutter system and forms clogs. What covered gutters are right for your home? Let the experts at Carefree Gutter Guard find the right gutter solution for your home!

Carefree Gutter Guard has the best covered gutters that will perfectly complement your home. Some gutter installation companies in Hampton Roads and Greater Richmond only install covers over an existing gutter system. This can cause damage in the long run because both may not function well together, and the existing gutter system could have damage that’s not detectable to a homeowner.

Carefree Gutter Guard is different.  Our gutter protection includes gutters and covers that work seamlessly together to better protect your home from drainage issues. The result? A gutter system that blocks debris and pests from entering the gutter system and prevents clogs. Carefree Gutter Guard installs the K-Guard System, a revolutionary full gutter system that never clogs and is so durable it lasts for the life of the home. We also offer warranties that no other gutter installation company can offer.

Make the switch to K-Guard today to better protect your home from drainage issues – contact Carefree Gutter Guard today for a free estimate!