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Pros and Cons of Half Round Gutters

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Whether you’re replacing old gutters or planning a gutter installation for a new home, you’ll want to research all of your options before choosing the right gutter system for you. Although the common K-style gutters and rectangular gutters may seem like the most affordable and obvious choice, half round gutters have many benefits worth considering before committing to a decision.

What Are Half Round Gutters?

Half round gutters have a semi-cylindrical shape that resembles a tube cut in half. If you have a home built prior to 1960, it’s likely this style is installed on your home due to its popularity during that time period. Fast forward to today, many homeowners are looking to achieve a historic style by choosing half round gutters for their homes. 

Benefits of Half Round Gutters

The benefits of half round gutters go beyond the traditional aesthetic for curb appeal. They also are generally more efficient than other types of gutters.

Half round gutters increase curb appeal.

If the style of your home leans more traditional or even historic, half round gutters are an excellent way to maintain the character and originality of your home. Half round gutters are available in a variety of materials, so you can really make a statement with bold copper or aluminum. Every detail matters when it comes to designing a home you love – even the gutters!

Half round gutters have a smooth interior.

The smoother inside of half round gutters makes them much more durable than K-style gutters or rectangular gutters. With fewer creases in which water can collect, they’re less prone to corrosion over time. The typically larger diameter of half round gutter downspouts also allows for a greater water flow, keeping your house safe in the most torrential of rain storms.

Half round gutters are easier to clean.

If your home is surrounded by trees, making your gutters more prone to clogging, you’ll be glad to know that half round gutters are very easy to clean! With fewer creases and minimal sharp edges, cleaning out any debris and leaves that have collected in your gutters over time is relatively easy.

Half round gutters are low maintenance. 

Once installed, half round gutters will require very infrequent servicing since they’re not as prone to leaking as other gutter styles. You want your gutters to do their job so you don’t have to think about them often — and that’s exactly what you’ll get with half round gutters!

Half round gutters can handle all weather. 

Their deep, trough-like shape makes half round gutters ideal for handling unexpectedly heavy rain or snowfall and moving it out and away from your home quickly. You can enjoy that snow day without stressing about how the snow might damage your gutters!

Downsides of Half Round Gutters

Although the functionality and aesthetic make half round gutters seem like an obvious choice, there are some drawbacks, chief among them being the cost.

Half round gutters are more expensive.

Half round gutters require special threaded rods and hanger brackets to attach properly to your home, which drives up the cost. They’re also not as readily available on the market, so sourcing them can be a costly affair as well. If you’re prioritizing price over function and fashion, half round gutters may not be the choice for you.

Half round gutters are more difficult to install.

Without a flat surface that can be attached directly to the fascia board, half round gutters require greater time and resources to install. Since they take longer and a higher level of expertise, the complexity of your new half round gutters will reflect in the labor costs.

Half round gutters tend to collect debris easily.

While half round gutters may be easier to clean and more equipped to handle water flow better than other styles, they unfortunately also tend to collect debris and leaves easily. The large, half rounded shape is a natural trap for clutter, so you may find yourself needing to inspect and clean your gutters more often with the half round style — especially if you live in an area of Virginia with a lot of trees (watch out for those cherry blossoms, Richmond)! Adding gutter protection to your half round gutter system is an easy fix to this propensity for debris!

Replace Your Gutters the Carefree Way

Our gutters combine beautifully with the K-Guard Gutter System for a long-lasting, efficient gutter system that will withstand all weather conditions. Our technicians are experts when it comes to installing all types of gutters and gutter protection, so you can have peace of mind that it’ll get done right the first time. And with our guarantee, it’s the last time you’ll ever replace your gutter system.

When you choose Carefree Gutter Guard, you’re investing in more than just some new gutters. You’re investing in a worry-free, stress-free, truly carefree experience and stunning gutters that are built to stand the test of time. Still not sure which gutter style is right for you? Contact us for a free estimate and consultation today!