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Should You Add Additional Downspouts to Your Gutter System?

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A gutter system isn’t complete without a downspout. Downspouts drain the water collected inside the gutter away from the home’s foundation. Without a downspout, water would soak our garden beds, entryways, and the ground surrounding our homes. They’re an essential component of a gutter system that helps protect a building from drainage issues.

Many homeowners wonder if they should add additional downspouts to their existing gutter system or when in the market for a new one. Are there any benefits to adding extra downspouts? Keep reading to learn if you should add additional downspouts to your gutter system.

How Many Downspouts Does a Gutter System Need?

Do you know how many downspouts are on your gutter system? Depending on the size of your home and the complexity of your roof, you could have a few or many. How many downspouts a gutter system has depends on how large the home or roof is. Generally speaking, a downspout is placed every 40 feet per span of gutter. However, this isn’t enough for smaller-sized downspouts.

Homes with complex roof designs or dormers require additional downspouts to aid in the runoff of stormwater and meltwater. Likewise, if a home has multiple stories, those levels should have their own downspouts. Downspouts for additional levels on the home should run directly into the first-story gutters to protect the roof’s surface from excess water.

Should I Add Extra Downspouts?

Now that we’ve discussed how many downspouts a gutter system needs, are you wondering if you need to add extra downspouts? For existing gutter systems, if your gutter system has 2”x3” downspouts every 40 feet, you’ll need more to handle large amounts of precipitation. If your downspouts are oversized, then one downspout per 40 feet should be enough. On the contrary, a gutter system with smaller downspouts will need to have more placed around the perimeter of the home.

Smaller-sized downspouts mean less meltwater and stormwater can be collected and diverted away from the home. The capacity of smaller downspouts is significantly less than oversized downspouts, resulting in overflowing gutters if there aren’t enough downspouts placed along the gutter system. Living in Hampton Roads and Greater Richmond means we have all four seasons with precipitation likely year-round from heavy rains to snow. Homeowners in our region need a quality gutter system that can handle large amounts of precipitation year-round and one that has the appropriate amount of downspouts.

Which Gutter System Is Right for My Home?

Whether you have a traditional or contemporary home, you should have a gutter system installed with properly-sized downspouts to keep up with the precipitation here in Hampton Roads and Greater Richmond. The best solution for any homeowner is the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System

Our seamless gutter system is a complete system that has oversized downspouts that are custom-made for your home. The K-Guard System also has a curved hood that allows debris to simply slide off, only allowing water to enter the system through a rear drainage channel, eliminating the chance for clogs. You’ll never need to clean your gutter system again! It’s also the strongest gutter system thanks to our proprietary polymer hangers that can withstand all weather conditions.

If you have a new construction home or an older home that needs a new gutter system and are researching gutter installation companies, you’ll want to ensure the company installs enough downspouts. If they’re a reputable company, they will find the right solution for your home, whether it’s an older-style victorian home or a newer, contemporary home. Steer clear from hiring companies that don’t have a good reputation or ones that don’t have years of experience. Investing in gutter protection is wise and is something that will protect your home for decades to come.

Carefree Gutter Guard has the perfect solution for homeowners in Hampton Roads and Greater Richmond – the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. Our gutter product requires no cleaning because it keeps all debris out, only allowing water to enter the gutter system. The result? No clogs, no worries. We’ll install the perfect amount of downspouts for your home. Make the switch to K-Guard today to better protect your home from drainage issues – contact Carefree Gutter Guard today for a free estimate!