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What is a Gutter Diverter (And Do I Need One)?

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Though not the most exciting or aesthetically trendy part of a home’s exterior, gutters are among the most important for the safety and longevity of your home. When you first became a homeowner, you probably never expected to spend so much time thinking about things like gutters. That’s why we’re here. We want to ensure you are well-equipped to make the best decisions about gutters and gutter protection.

If you’ve never heard of a “gutter diverter,” then this is the blog for you! A gutter diverter isn’t necessarily essential for every gutter system, but it is important to assess whether or not it would make a welcome addition to your gutters.

What is a Gutter Diverter?

A gutter diverter is a form of splash guard that is installed in the corners (or “valleys”) of your gutter system to protect these overflow-prone areas from flooding.

The corners and valleys of gutters are the areas where the gutter changes direction rather than continuing on in a straight line. They can be danger zones for flooding and hazardous to the overall integrity of your home. Why? The draining water has to hit a gutter wall and change direction to continue flowing down the gutter system, which can result in the water splashing over the sides of your gutters if not diverted properly.

During seasons of heavy rainfall, gutter diverters make a big difference between smoothly flowing gutters and waterfalls coming off the side of your home, risking damage to your foundation. Gutter diverters basically act as a higher gutter barrier in these concentrated zones of water flow, decreasing the chances of water splashing out of the gutters and guiding it instead to continue flowing through your gutter system to drain safely away from your house.

Do I Need a Gutter Diverter?

To put it simply, installing gutter diverters is never a bad thing. They can only help the functionality of your gutters and protect your home from water damage.

If you have half round gutters, then gutter diverters are essential! Although they boost curb appeal and are easier to clean than many other types of gutters, half-round gutters can collect debris easily which can lead to gutter clogging and, in turn, overflow. They also tend to be more shallow than other gutter styles, creating less room for water to fill before spilling over.

Installing gutter diverters on your half-round gutters will significantly decrease the odds of an overflow and help them to properly divert water out and away from your house.

Benefits of Gutter Diverters

If avoiding overflow in the corners of your gutters isn’t enough of a reason for you to consider gutter diverters, here are a few other ways this simple installation can provide just the gutter solution you need. 

Gutter diverters can . . . 

  • Keep your gutters mold and mildew free by reducing the risk of standing water in corners
  • Speed the flow of water so your gutters are never overly weighed down in a single area (no more sagging gutters!)
  • Protect your fascia boards and roof from the risk of rot
  • Keep water from collecting near doorways and entering your home
  • Help your gutters stay cleaner and last longer

Gutter Diverter Alternatives

Although diverters are a small-scale solution to overflowing gutters, they cannot guarantee a flood-free gutter system. You never know when significant rainfall might hit the Richmond area and overly tax your unprepared gutter system! There are more comprehensive options that will protect your gutters from excessive rain, sleet, or snow.

If you want the best possible guarantee that your gutters won’t overflow, you need a complete gutter system that includes gutter protection! Investing in a full gutter protection system can save you a lot of headaches from expensive water damage repairs down the line. The curved design of the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System that we use with all of our gutter systems will aid the flow of water before it even enters the actual gutter.

You Don’t Have to Choose!

Investing in Carefree Gutter Guard’s K-Guard System isn’t an issue of choosing between gutter guards and gutter diverters, because our system includes both! Gutter diverters are incorporated into every corner or valley of your gutter system to ensure the best possible performance.

Our gutter systems are ready to take on the biggest of Virginia storms, with oversized 5” gutters that are strong enough to do pull-ups off of (which we don’t recommend, but it’s nice to know you could, right?).

If you’re ready to have worry-free gutters ready to withstand any weather, contact us for a free estimate on installing a gutter system that gives you peace of mind regardless of what storm may roll through!